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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
California Arkansas California Nevada
Trivia @ 9:00 PM
St. Stephen's Green - Mountain View
Trivia @ 7:00 PM
Marley's Pizzeria Fayetteville - Fayetteville
Bingo @ 6:30 PM
Sauced - Livermore
Trivia @ 7:00 PM
Bad Beat Brewing Co - Henderson
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
7 Stars Bar and Grill - San Jose
California Bingo @ 6:30 PM
Sauced - Walnut Creek
Oklahoma Trivia @ 7:30 PM
Stubby's Sports Bar - Gilroy
Missouri Trivia @ 8:00 PM
The Rooftop - Broken Arrow
Trivia @ 8:15 PM
Ned's - Tahlequah
Trivia @ 7:00 PM
Sauced - Livermore
Bingo @ 5:00 PM
W.F. Codys - Springfield
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
San Jose Dive Bar - San Jose
Oklahoma Bingo @ 8:00 PM
Sage County - Houston
Trivia @ 7:00 PM
Sauced - Walnut Creek
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Louie's Edmond - Edmond
Montana Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Louie's Jenks - Jenks
Trivia @ 8:30 PM
Acoma Lounge - Butte
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Thomas Meagher Bar - Missoula
Bingo @ 8:00 PM
Baker St Pub South Austin - Austin
Oklahoma Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Lone Star Ice House - Longview
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Hudson's Public House - Edmond
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Henry Hudsons Norman - Norman
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Hudson's Public House - Bricktown - Oklahoma City
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Henry Hudsons I-240 - Oklahoma City
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Henry Hudsons Memorial - Oklahoma City
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Henry Hudsons 58th St - Oklahoma City
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Fishbonz - Owasso
Trivia @ 8:30 PM
Louie's Stillwater - Stillwater
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Inner Circle Vodka Bar - Tulsa
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
The Pint on Cherry St. - Tulsa
Trivia @ 8:00 PM
Pub Fiction - Houston


What Is It For Players?

The game is 4 rounds of a little something for everybody, designed to last a little over an hour and fifteen minutes. Teams answer the questions displayed on the screen while a live host on a wireless microphone guides everyone through the game. We focus on fun rounds like movie scenes and finish the lyric in addition to serious trivia for all of you smarties.

Why it's great for business?

Our shows draw fun people that love to eat and drink. We work with you to hook up a computer to your existing AV system. No matter where a team is sitting, they can SEE the show and HEAR the host. This allows us to have exciting rounds like Finish The Lyric, High School Yearbook, and Movie Scenes in addition to smart people trivia.

We pay for a TON of marketing and promotion to make sure you are getting the most out of our services. You only pay for the crowd we are drawing.

Contact us for a zero pressure demo of Live Event Trivia and Live Event Bingo and to find out more about our inexpensive trial period.

Interested? Bring Trivia or Bingo to Your Bar

We start with a 16 week trial agreement with the price slowly increasing each block
of 4 weeks. The price is VERY low at the beginning while we build a crowd. Then the
price goes up to "pretty low" and finally maxes out at "low."

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How It Works?

Let us turn a boring night into a fun social game show! Live Event Bingo is displayed on your TV screens with a live host engaging the crowd. We play funny YouTube clips and Memes every 10 numbers called. We all laugh then call more numbers. When someone gets a Bingo, they roll the dice to see what they win. (sample dice prize pic).

Customize Your Show

We update our memes and YouTube clips frequently to include current events, holidays, and viral video classics. You can choose your content rating for the show. Adult humor for service industry night and G rated clips for family bingo.

The top of the screen has a scrolling marquee for you to promote food and drink specials or other weekly events.

Contact us for a zero pressure demo of Live Event Bingo and Live Event Trivia and to find out more about our inexpensive trial period.

Private Parties and Events

Live Event Trivia and Live Event Bingo can be customized for any occasion. Our shows will really get your guests to relax and engage! Full event planning services are available, or just let us entertain. We can work with any budget, crowd size, and venue.

Contact us for a zero pressure demo of our Live Event Trivia and Live Event Bingo shows. Ask us how we personalize the content for your gathering!

Referral Program

Do you have friends or family in the bar, restaurant, or brewery industry? Help us get a meeting with a new spot! If we sign them to a trial agreement we'll pay you $100!

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Tuesday Trivia League

Location Team Name Points
Acoma Lounge Past Our Bedtime 75
Hudson's Public House - Bricktown Throat Hugs 75
Pub Fiction Chang Gang 74
Inner Circle Vodka Bar XAMC 72
Louie's Stillwater Suck It Trebek 72
Henry Hudsons Norman Fleetwood Mac and Cheezits 71
Inner Circle Vodka Bar Livin at the edge 71
Inner Circle Vodka Bar Dragon Slayers 71
The Pint on Cherry St. Bite My Shiny Metal Ass 71

We are starting new leagues all the time! Each team registers at the bar where they will be playing. Just show up and check in with the host before and after the show. Local and national winners! Plenty of random prizes as well!

Updated League Info here

Latest League Scores here

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